IP-Network Monitoring Services

IP-Network Monitoring Services

From Galaxy Security Technologies, LLC - Preferred Security System Company Based in Houma, Morgan City & Raceland, LA

Have you disconnected or changed the phone lines at your home or office? By doing so you have cut the line of communication between your security system and the central monitoring station. IP (Internet Protocol) modules allow your system to communicate signals over the internet. This alternative solution to copper phone lines can be used across any broadband, DSL or cable internet connection. IP however, offers more than just the ability to have your system monitored. Its flexibility allows for data from several applications to share the same internet path. These applications can provide you with abilities you may not have thought possible.

Control your security system via a virtual keypad using any web browser on a PC, or via SMS on a PDA or cell phone

Receive important alerts through any text messaging device, including cell phones and PDAs (e.g. receive an e-mail when your child has arrived home safely from school or an employee has entered a restricted area)

Be notified of activity in various areas (e.g. when doors have been opened or closed, when the security system has been armed or disarmed, or when a safe or liquor cabinet has been opened)

Utilize optional video services to receive images of specific activities (e.g. when the housekeeper leaves, when your gas or water valves have been turned on or off, or if a door has been propped open)

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