2 Way Voice

Galaxy Security’s 2 Way Voice, provides home and business owners with hands-free communication with the central station in the event of an emergency. 2 Way Voice also helps the central station to verify and reduce false alarms while making communication to the premise much faster.

When a typical alarm system activates, an alarm transmission is sent to the central station. We then place a phone call back to the house to try and reach someone in an attempt to verify the status of the alarm - whether or not it is false. This phone call is often met with a busy signal as the alarm system is dialing our central station again to give another signal or the home owner is trying to call us.

In contrast, when a 2 Way Voice system sends in it's initial digital alarm signal, it does not disconnect from the central station. It maintains that communication line and then switches to audio, so that we may communicate immediately into the home without the need for another phone call.

Galaxy Security Technologies customers feel more secure knowing that someone can be "there" with them until the authorities arrive.